Some history….

In 2008, my world broke open.  I was caring for my newborn daughter, searching for ways to help my son with special needs, and preparing to get back to my work as a teacher.  Exhausted and overwhelmed, I became sick. What I thought was a miserable flu was in fact sepsis, and the disease took over my life.  I spent the next two years in wheelchairs and doctor’s offices.   I lost time with my children, had part of my left foot amputated and incurred significant damage to my right foot and legs.  Since then, I’ve been working to find my new normal keeping Frida Kahlo’s quote in mind, “Feet, what do I need you for if I have wings to fly?”

Life now….

I’m a mom to two apple-cheeked wonder kids, a lover of corpse pose, a believer in poetry, and a devoted notebook scribbler. I read voraciously, spend many happy hours outside, and believe that toes are highly overrated.  This blog is the place I record my thoughts as I continue to lurch along in my recovery, to raise my young children, to meet my delightful son’s unique needs, and to practice my own quirky version of yoga.